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Nurture You & Your Baby

Pregnancy yoga is all about nurturing and strengthening you and your baby during pregnancy.  It will help ensure a relaxing and comfortable pregnancy, release any discomforts and help prepare you for childbirth.  It’s also about creating a bond between you and your baby that you can take with you into parenthood. 

When I first got introduced to pregnancy yoga in 2012 I was pregnant with my first son.  As I was experiencing huge physical and mental transformations in my body, pregnancy yoga quickly became my safe haven.  I immediately felt more at ease, re-energized and connected with my body, mind and baby.  I credit the pregnancy yoga I practised with my ability to have two natural and joyous home births.

Classes are friendly and informal and suitable to everyone from 14 weeks gestation, whether you have done yoga before or not.  Everyone who comes to class will be at a different stage in pregnancy and have different challenges, so I aim to make my teaching as tailored as possible to the individual.

Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth and build strength and stamina overall

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and encourage you to trust that your body will open up during labour and childbirth

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Encourage your baby into an optimal position for birth

  • Preparing you for a natural childbirth and learning acceptance if you do need to have interventions

  • Join a community with other expectant mums. The class becomes a pregnancy support group of sorts, where women connect with other women who are making the same choices and lifestyles changes.


I am a qualified yoga instructor and am currently specialising in pregnancy yoga teacher training with Birthlight - the internationally acclaimed pregnancy yoga teacher training.

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