Nutrition Expertise


As well as my passion for yoga I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist registered with the The Federation of Nutritional Therapy.  I practice at the lovely Walnut Grove Clinic Portishead and there is a link below to their website.

About what I do:


With so much conflicting information out there, it is easy to become confused about healthy eating. Every week there is a different message about what we should or should not be eating. Nutritional therapy helps you to navigate that mind field in a very individual way.

Nutritional Therapy is the use of foods, diets, fasting, supplements, functional foods and dietary counselling, assessment and support to help people reach their health goals. Health goals can range from weight management to disease symptom support, optimal sports function, eating for a healthy pregnancy and more. The primary focus of Nutritional Therapy is ‘Food as Medicine’, evidence-based interventions of diet and dietary habits to optimise health and wellness. The current swell of interest in nutrition and the accompanying advances in research have shown that we are all unique and dietary modifications work best when tailored to the individual. 

Nutritional Therapy - Walnut Grove Clinic

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